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Step One: Book an Intro

This is a 90-minute session on the house that explains the CrossFit method and evaluates your current level of fitness.  You can schedule this for any day of the week at any time.   We work around your schedule.

Step Two: Fundamentals Personal Training

All new students of the RAW School of Fitness are required to complete fundamentals training . These 1 hour private coaching sessions will prepare you for integration into our group class system. Your fundamentals sessions will ensure that you have been properly and safely trained on the functional movements as they pertain to CrossFit, as well as providing you with an introduction to proper form, range of motion, scaling to ability, and intensity. You will also be taught a basic understanding of mobility and nutrition.

Most new students will require ~10-15+ sessions before joining group classes, but your advancement will be based solely on your ability and performance.

Step Three: Group Classes

Here you play games, compete for rounds, time, points and go for glory. Our group sessions will occur as sport. They are intended to further your education into human performance, nutrition and health, as well as immerse you in a community of your peers who all have the same end goal: health and well-being!

Personal Training (PT):

If after your initial fundamentals PT, or at any time during your career in group classes you do not feel completely comfortable with your technique, you are more than welcome (and highly encouraged) to sign up for a personal training session with your coach.

You should try to book a PT session every 6 months to help take your skills and technique to the next level.

Personal Training can also be an alternative to our regular memberships.  Doing strictly PT is an option chosen by many for convenience and results.

What to Expect?

Regardless of your current fitness and ability and understanding, expect to LEARN.  Expect to be taught by a certified coach who is extremely knowledgeable and passionate about the health and fitness of RAW School of Fitness members.  Expect to sweat, and work hard, and maybe even want to die, but also expect the urge to want to do it again and again.  Best of all, expect to become part of a welcoming community who all share a common interest and always provide open arms to new members aka fresh meat!





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