RAW School of Fitness is a world-class CrossFit facility located in Penetanguishene, Ontario

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Photo of the Day

  • Great morning for a little
  • A well deserved treat after a fun day with the RAW Summer Adventure Program!
  • Team
  • Ladies lunch hour showing off their 'around the worlds'!
  • This message is brought to you by Chicken Little #goodthingshespretty
  • 200m tire flips on this sunny Saturday morning!
  • Team
  • Nutbutter crushing KB swings
  • Team
  • Eager beavers waiting for the clock on 'Death by 10m'...
  • Summer Adventure Program, hooligans ready for take off!!

  • 11th April


    Shoulder Press
    15 min. on 2RM

    WOD: 12 min. AMRAP
    Shoulder Press 75/55lb
    20 Alt. Lunges 75/55lb