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About Us

Welcome to the RAW School of Fitness

Enroll today to receive industry leading Professional Fitness Coaching. As a certified member of the MadLab Business Group we adhere to a set of standards that ensure you get the highest quality CrossFit experience in the world.

As independently owned affiliate gyms, there is a lot of variance in the first experience of new CrossFitters. At the RAW School of Fitness we believe that learning to train CrossFit is similar to learning to fly a fighter jet. In much the same way that you would not be handed the keys to an F-15, and allowed to blast into the sky on your first day of pilot training, at RAWSoF, we take a calculated and performance based approach to progressing new students through our training program.

You will work closely with your Coach to learn proper technique, movement scaling and progressions, safety, and only once you have demonstrated movement consistency, will you be introduced to intensity.

We’re passionate about helping you improve your fitness, health, and longevity, and feel that this can only be achieved through hands-on personal training.

See below for a detail explanation of the RAW School of Fitness intake process.

“The best time to plant a tree is 20 years ago. The second best time to plant a tree is today!”
~ Old Chinese Proverb
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CrossFit is HARD!

The RAW Difference: We promise you will never get thrown into a Group Class without proper coaching on technique, safety, and scaling. You will always receive professional, hands-on coaching that addresses YOUR personal fitness needs. Do not settle for less. Learn more…

Why choose RAW?

  • Professional Coaching
  • Individual training based on YOUR needs
  • 1:1 Coach to Student Ratio and a Coach for LIFE!
  • Performance Based Advancement
  • Advanced Nutrition Consulting
  • Amazing Community and Events
  • Lifetime Fitness Support
  • Adherence to Industry Leading Best-Practices

How to Get Started…

Book an Intro

This is a 90-minute session on the house that consists of a personal fitness interview. A thorough explanation of the training methods used by the RAW School of Fitness, and a small fitness test that allows us to evaluate your current level of fitness.

You can schedule this for any day of the week at any time.

We work around your schedule!

Fundamentals Personal Training

All new students of the RAW School of Fitness are required to complete fundamentals training . These 1 hour private coaching sessions will prepare you for integration into our group class system. Your fundamentals sessions will ensure that you have been properly and safely trained on the functional movements as they pertain to CrossFit, as well as providing you with an introduction to proper form, range of motion, scaling to ability, and intensity. You will also be taught a basic understanding of mobility and nutrition.

Most new students will require ~10-15+ sessions before joining group classes, but your advancement will be based solely on your ability and performance.

Group Classes

Here you will play games, compete for rounds, time, points and go for glory. Our group sessions will occur as sport. They are intended to further your education into human performance, nutrition and health, as well as immerse you in a community of your peers who all have the same end goal: health and well-being!

This is where the real fun starts, but first you must earn it…

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