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Our Box

At RAW School of Fitness, and as a member of the MadLab Business Group, we pride ourselves on adhering to a high level of excellence through technique, community, education and customer satisfaction.

Our mission is to educate you, the student, on how to move, think and live functionally through specialized training programs designed for your level of fitness. Looking good is just a bonus! We do this through the practice and methodology of CrossFit, with modifications designed for our specific community and athletes.

We work one-on-one with you at the beginning to ensure long-term results, and only once you’ve achieved a basic level of understanding and movement do we move you in to a group setting. You wouldn’t throw a bull fighter into the ring and say, “Good luck!”, and neither would we.

We want the RAW School of Fitness to enhance the quality of your life and the challenges that life demands.

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