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What some of our members have said about Raw School of Fitness

Mark Kowalsky , a member from Penetanguishene,  wrote:

Kathy and I have just finished the onramp program under the guidance of Devin. We have been to several gyms before and faded away because of boredom and lack of results. I can’t stand gyms full of machinery where a workout looks like serial pennance at the stations of the cross. At RAW, it is different every day, and every day I have been challenged and learned more than I thought I could. I have several old sporting injuries from snowboarding and hang gliding, and our 12 sessions in the onramp have done more for the flexibility and strength in my shoulder and back than all the physio/massage/chiropractic services I have had over the last 15 years. Thanks, Devin. Crossfit rocks.

Greg Bond , a member from Midland,  wrote:

RAW CROSSFIT HAS CHANGED MY LIFE!! This gym is amazing, not only is it a gym where you work out at but it is a great place to meet new people. This place is one big happy family of crossfitters, people of all shapes and sizes and physical abilities. It doesnt matter about any of that, at CF everyone is treated equally and everyone is so friendly. The coaches/trainers are amazing and very hands on with all the aspects that you work on at CF. I have never felt or looked better and it is all to do with Crossfit. Do yourself a huge favour and check it out or better yet TRY IT! You will love it and become hooked just like I and so many other Crossfitters are. The owner Devin is a terrific guy who does an amazing job of running Raw Crossfit. He is extremly knowledgeable and approachable and will help you obtain any goal you wish too through Crossfit and a Crossfit lifestyle. Again just TRY IT and you will be hooked. Thanks Raw Crossfit for helping this 37 yr old beergutted male turn his life around physically. Cheers Greg Bond.

Sam , a member from Penetang,  wrote:

I found out about RAW Cross Fit through my weight room class at school. I attended a session with my class and loved how the work out made me push myself and work harder then I had the whole semester. I went for a free trial and I felt like I was going to fall over but I wanted to do more because devin helped motivate me the whole time. I was sad my trial was over. After I found out how much it was I took any shifts and work I could to save up to pay for it because my parents wouldnt. It is the best inestment I have ever made I must say. I love going to work out and be suprised every time. I hate sleeping in because it messes up my day so being able to work out bright and early is awesome. RAW is the best!

Harlan Schulze , a member from Midland,  wrote:

Going to any gym is good. Going to RAW CrossFit, is great. When I use to go to a ‘big box’ style gym, I would get my workout plans out of magazines and they just were not very effective. My time:results ratio was terrible, I was on a plateau for about 5 months and had no idea why. I was using all the machines in the gym and doing everything I thought possible.

Then it all changed. I heard about CrossFit from my relative in the Canadian Forces. I remembered seeing that Honda Element that drives around town with RAW CrossFit plastered over the side. So I went to the site, www.rawcrossfit.ca and set up my FREE intro. What did I have to lose?

I went in for the Introduction, and the rest is history. My life has changed completely. That place gave me exactly what i was looking for. I am in the best shape of my life, getting stronger, more athletic and finally lost that beer gut.

Don’t kill yourself on the treadmill like me, check this place out. It’s fun, practical and you WILL see results.

Kay , a member from St. Petersburg,  wrote:

Keep life simple and stick to the basics. With the help of Devin you can and will achieve all your personal fitness goals. Devin knows what he is talking about, he’s not only informative but interesting as well! If you’re serious about feeling great and looking good this is the place to get your work-out on!!

A Local , a member from penetang,  wrote:

Ive been at the gym for about 2 months now and gotta say that I’m stronger than I’ve ever been! The atmosphere is great and Devon is very helpful in keeping the workouts challenging ( to say the least) and interesting. I recommend that everyone try it out ! These workouts are tough but effective. No pain no gain!!!!

Anna , a member from Midland,  wrote:

I have been Crossfitting since September and FEEL great! I work a Monday-Friday job and it’s often hard to find time to work out. Crossfit is tough but it’s quick and allows you more time in your day. Finishing a work out is one of the best parts of my day:) I would suggest going into the gym and see what we are talking about. You have to see it to believe it.

Wolf , a member from Midland,  wrote:

An awesome gym. Lots of space so one does not feel crowded. Athletic flooring throughout, worth checking out.

Brems , a member from Midland,  wrote:

I would like to take this time to not only thank Devin, but to thank Raw Cross Fit for changing my life physically and mentally. Crystal, Tara, Adam and I joined at the start of October and have just recently finished our On-Ramp Program, and what an experience it has been. Along with simple dieting and the full body work outs @ Cross Fit three times a week, I have dropped to 270 lbs from 297lbs. In College i attended the local gym and found myself getting board of free weights and cable machines, Raw Cross fit allows you to find muscles you never knew you had. I would have to agree with Anna when she says “you have to see it to believe it”

Jessica , a member from Georgian Bay ,  wrote:

I have nothing but kind words for RAW CrossFit. I began to make some huge changes in my life about a year ago. I changed my school path and decided I wanted to become a police officer. I knew making this change meant I was going to have to take a whole new approach to how I had been living. After a few months of training with a personal trainer I attempted the police physical exam and did not pass. I had never felt so defeated. It was time to find something I felt good about doing and something to help me reach my goals. A friend referred me to Devin and Raw Crossfit and within a few days I had started my 12 session OnRamp.

For the first time I look forward to my workouts! They are always hard but always fun. Devin is great at getting you motivated and educated. For me the one thing I love the most is the approach taken to every workout. You get to learn and become more in touch with your body and how it moves. You never go into a new task feeling unsure of what to do or how to do it. Raw CrossFit is by far the best training facility I have ever been to. I highly recommend it to anyone! It is an amazing way to better your life in so may aspects and feel great!

I want to thank Raw CrossFit for their continued motivation and support as I strive for my goal.

Andrew Elsdon , a member from Simcoe County,  wrote:

RAWCrossfit. Simply Awesome. To me the difference is the coaching. Excellent teaching of technique and encouragement. You know you’re doing it right with the max results possible after they demonstrate how to. No illusions, it’s hard work…. but very rewarding. 10/10.

Shannon , a member from Penetang ,  wrote:

I’ve been going since March and I have never felt better! At first I was scared that I was going to “bulk up” not knowing exactly what crossfit was, but the opposite has happened and I’ve leaned out. I love how everyday the workouts are differend and I don’t have to plan my workout. They are laid out for you, all you have to do is show up! EVeryone is very encouraging and helpful if you have any questions. The workouts are short which I like. I workout at 9 and still have time to get to work for 10 am. If you are looking to see results or just a workout that will push you come to Raw Crossfit! : )

Steph , a member from Penetang,  wrote:

I’ve been at Crossfit now for a full three months and I have been more than pleased with the results. Everyday I have butterflies in my stomach wondering what Devin will be making us do for our workout, but somehow we all do it, and we are all pushed to our max to achieve great results. This is not your typical gym – this is a place where we can ask questions, learn new things and a place where we are pushed to achieve success. I’m always happy to get to this gym where I am greeted with a smile before starting the always challenging workout of the day. Thanks Raw!

Kadee Latondress , a member from Midland Ontario,  wrote:

Amazing!! I used to go to other gyms, but I found that they only take you so far. I would reach a point where I would be able to do all of the work outs without much effort,and therefore, I would only get a certain amount of results. Raw Crossfit pushes even the best athletes to their limit and keeps the results coming. I started in January 2010 and I absolutely love it! Its so much fun and the people are all so nice and supportive. I highly recommend Raw Crossfit.

adam , a member from penetanguishene,  wrote:

I have to admit I was somewhat skeptical when I first joined RAW Crossfit as a member. Although I was bored with the monotony of the traditional gym, a gym without the any machines didn’t seem like a gym to me.

Since joining in August 2009 I have never felt better. Five days a week Devin pushes me physically and mentally to do things I would have never thought possible. I mean 50 pull-ups can’t REALLY be part of the workout today….

My physical fitness level has increased, and I feel significantly stronger than when I started. I’ve also met tons of great people all working toward their fitness goals. Devin creates an atmosphere at RAW Crossfit, that regardless of your fitness level, you can show up, push yourself to the max, and have fun while he and other members encourage you to push past your previous records. Thanks Devin!

Paul , a member from Midland,  wrote:

I have loved the level of intensity that I am able to achieve when working out at RAW. At 29 years old I am in the best physical condition of my life….and I owe this to the training and knowledge I have gained from RAW and Devin. I have played basketball at the Canadian University level as well as for our National Team and professionally. I know that I could have been a better basketball player had I had the chance to train with Devin at RAW and had I found Crossfit earlier. I am now a better athlete then I have ever been having been through some rigorous training during my basketball career (nothing compares to the results I have seen in the last 6 months). RAW is a great atmosphere for improving your fitness and Devin does a fantastic job motivating his clients!

Whitney , a member from Midland, Ontario, Canada,  wrote:

As an athlete who has spent years in the gym and on sports teams, I have never come across a ‘workout’ that has completely satisfied my athletic and life goals. RAWCrossfit has changed the way I feel about my physical fitness, mindset and overall health. Rather than pumping weights at a crowded gym where I’m left to my own motivation and knowledge of the myriad of machines, RAWCrossfit has wide open spaces with knowledgeable staff who are working with you to better your physical and mental self.

Group workouts are encouraged and create a fun level of competition that promotes you to push yourself for maximum results. Besides all that, RAWCrossfit is a workout for life, definitely a place and a workout regime I could manage the rest of my life.

I encourage anyone who is interested in bettering their lives in every way to come check out RAWCrossfit!


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